Attracting the High Net Worth Investor (HNWI) – The Citrus Way

If you are hoping to present yourself favourably to high-net-worth investors (HNWI), then you’ll need to re-think traditional digital marketing strategies, opting for bespoke campaigns that are tailored specifically at grabbing the attention, and hopefully influencing, this niche group of individuals.

In the United Kingdom, a HNWI is an individual who has self-certified that they had, during the financial year immediately preceding the date in question, an annual income to the value of £100,000 or more or net assets to the value of £250,000 or more. The exact amount differs by financial institution and region but could range from people with a net wealth of 6- to 7- or more figures.

According to insight from Quattro, 563,199 people sit in the top 1% wealthiest in the UK, mainly residing in London and the South.

“The UK’s richest 1% are more switched on digitally than their peers and many opt for mid-level goods over upmarket alternatives, so brands may need to realign their thinking in order to target to this group effectively.”

Mindi Chahal – Marketing Week

We have had a huge amount of sucssess with HNW lead generation to help our client target these individuals. It’s one Citrus Ornge’s main area of expertise. The campaigns we run are primarily in the finance sector and include:

  • ISA investments and Bonds
  • Investments (Gold Bullion, Mobile Gaming, Private jets flights, Crypto Currency)
  • High-end property investment
  • Retirement investment planning

HNW leads have to agree the T&C /opt-in they fit the criteria before they can be validated as a lead and qualify to be contacted by the applicable financial service. For Citrus Ornge we usually run campaigns targeted at investors earning £100k+ or more and/or need to be able to invest X amount of money into an HNW investment.

Citrus has run a series of property development campaigns for Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), which has resulted in on-going prosperity within the company. To give you a better understanding of our process, we have outlined a step-by-step to show how you can go about you can transfer this into a tailor made HNWI campaign.

  1. Research phase: Citrus worked with REWW to understand their objectives and who they are trying to target. Even with a smaller budget, putting money into researching brand activities and behaviours associated with target HNWI’s, you will stand a better chance of attracting small amounts of that traffic to convert to further build on and invest in your campaign over time.
  1. Creation phase: We worked with them to create online adverts that will attract users and inform them of their offering. When advertising a client’s product/service, the faster you are able to bring across a memory / feeling / dream to their target audience, the closer they will be to buying.
  1. Targetting phase #1: We then matched a bespoke landing page that has been fully optimised for collecting the users’ details. In other words, no outbound links that would take the user off page and waste valuable ads inventory space. According to The Online Marketing Institute, “40% of HNWIs use mobile apps to shop and research online”, so investing in a fully responsive site is vital.
  1. Targetting phase #2: We used our expertise to drive online traffic to the page. Citrus can build a fully optimised page replica of the client’s current pages. 98% of HNWIs access the internet daily and expect digital functionality in many parts of their lives, as stated by CACI Data Lab.
  1. Validation phase: We clean and validated all leads across our traffic in real-time. HLR / TPS / PAF and all known UK validations were applied, plus a reduplication so only unique leads will come through to the client. Leads were then able to feed directly into their CRM / nurturing platform with simple API integration. This, in turn, resulted in a huge increase to the client’s ROI as sales agents are able to respond to each lead in a timely manner, with an effective calling strategy.

Citrus can deliver leads direct into any client CRM/Email system and across all platforms like Zoho, Pipedrive or such like and if needed, even trigger any Marcoms or nurturing program that the client has in place.

We are currently sending leads into a number of clients in this way. Our leads are built and fed directly into the core of the client’s operational sales workflow management processes. We then continue to work with them to optimise working alongside their sales teams and sales managers.

Case study: one of our clients who has had great success in the last year

“Citrus Ornge has driven over 800 leads for Real Estate Worldwide across our HNW property investment lead generation campaigns. Having the company’s on-going monthly support has resulted in a continuous stream of sales and a conversion rate of 1.5%, which translates to an £80k return on our original investment.” 

Nikki Dale, Real Estate Worldwide

Citrus Ornge’s core offering is the generation of new leads and sales for B2B and B2C marketers using digital media and advertising tactics. The business also can provide the full suite of digital services for clients including all paid media opportunities, website builds plus social media management and execution. We generate leads, drive revenue and help you acquire new customers online on a cost per lead, registration, sale, view or download so pure performance marketing.

If you would like to find out more, please do come and visit us or take a look here at what we do, or better still email or give us a call on +44 203 887 3647.