Being consistent with a content strategy can attract HNWIs to your brand

Building awareness of your brand and its values with content; blogs, articles, videos in this niche market is absolutely key to attract HNWIs. This highly lucrative audience that represent between 1% – 5% of the world’s population spend a lot of time online, are highly competent and digitally savvy. They are very particular about which brands they like and resonate with, and selective on who they share their personal details.

Entering the conversation that’s going on in your HNWIs mind will get you sales

Knowing your demographic of your buyers has always been important, using segmentation of your database to get personalised, tailored information/solutions/answers has always been a proven content strategy. But also going deeper than that, and drilling down to your“ideal customer” (buyer persona, avatar) is a given nowadays, as the more data and research you do on your target customer, the better your lead generation, conversation and conversion.

Create your ideal high net worth buyer persona

Use your existing client base – if you can –to start building your ideal high net worth buyer persona. This is not a job you can do in a day, in fact it will never be complete, as you can add/improve this forever. You can also create multiple buyer personas depending on your products/services.

Start with looking at the most personal information in your database/CRM on your clients and your qualified leads, ask your sales team questions and even ask your sales team to ask a few personal questions directly to their loyal clients.

“There are two motives to action: self-interest and fear”

Napoleon Bonaparte once said.

Use topics targeted to their problems, wants, desires, using terminology they will understand, and aligning it with your product/service and how it will get them what they want / solve their problem – this will organically attracted your audience.

Also align your content strategy as a whole blog, posts and activities on different social media platforms. By creating your authentic story for your brand to engage customers can create a huge fan base.


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