Branding Is Everything

Quick question: Do you know if people get excited about your brand?

Before you answer that, you’re probably thinking “what does this have to do with anything?” And if you are, then the following is something you’d definitely benefit from reading…

What the disruption of COVID-19 has shown us is that as a business, you need to be prepared for anything, and having a strong brand that stands for more than your product/service, creates that security. If something similar ever happens, does your brand give ‘permission’ to enter a new market / create a new product and/or service and weather the storm…?

Before any marketing strategies are put in motion for your brand, you really need to get to the core of your brand identity and make your message(s) and vision statement(s) clear.

Nintendo was originally a board game company. It was known for great games. So when video/computer games came out, their brand gave them permission to enter that space even though they weren’t a tech/software company.

Nintendo Branding Vision statement: “Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches.” This means growing with their audience and embracing new opportunities – bringing joy.

Bentley makes cars, but their brand stands for luxury in aesthetic design and great craftsmanship. And so they successfully launched a high-end home furniture range.

Bentley Brand identity language: The use of words is very powerful and can shape a brand. Bentley expresses aspirations, hierarchy and quality: “Bentley Motors is the world’s most sought after luxury car.” Whereas other names like Audi invite their audience to take part and join them for the experience and evolution: “From new models to epic adventures, we welcome you to the world of Audi.”

Red Bull is an energy drink. Their target market is therefore people lacking energy/need a pick-me-up. The last person who needs red bull is an adrenaline junky and extreme sports person. However, they thought brand-first, and decided they want people to think ‘high-energy’, when they see Red Bull. Therefore all their content and sponsorships focus around high-energy sports.

This brand-first strategy has enabled Red Bull to retain flexibility. If they wanted to create a high-energy music festival, it wouldn’t be out of place or ‘off brand’.

Red Bull Brand identity: They have expanded their brand identity beyond just a drink and creating a lifestyle – fuel for your imagination. The presence of alternative sports within their brand creates the idea of opportunities for the ‘average Joe’ to be more; exciting, different, aspiring, engaging with life. This is not just a drink to give their customers physical energy but to make them reach new heights, hence the strapline: “Red Bull gives you wings.”

So, now come two more questions:
What do you want your brand to stand for?
And what do you want people to think when they see your logo/hear your company name?

In a saturated world how are you going to stand out from the noise with everyone fighting for crumbs after lockdown? Success will depend on your visual image and the use of language. Creative design and intelligent copywriting is the way to success – use this time to your advantage to develop a strong, clear message.

If you’re unsure about the ins and outs of putting together a brand strategy, are having trouble knowing what route to take in developing your identity, or don’t even know where to start, then we’d like to offer you a FREE Brand Audit.

We will get these questions answered, evaluate and rediscover your identity and work out a plan to help you on your branding journey. 

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