Host Tom Render and Citrus CEO Jason Baker are delighted to be back for the third Citrus OnAir – the business development talk show.

They are joined by director Adam Dudley of Opulent Virtue, a London-based real estate development company, to discuss businesses staying active during lockdown, traditional brand building, some of the effects of Covid-19 to business so far – and business in general.

Adam Dudley is a Chartered Surveyor by trade and launched his own business nearly three years ago armed with his 15-years’ experience, his charted credentials, and a sincere passion for what he does.

He entered the private development industry in 2005, spending the last five years in fast-paced, heavy main-contracting in the luxury high end residential market in central London, with top-end clients and high net worth individuals.

His skill set lies in quantity surveying and estimating, running feasibility and understand the value out of project developments, land procurement, all construction and development through to the build and right up to the sales phase.

Launching a new business in difficult times

Adam explains how launching his property development business in early 2018 proved to be a tricky time due to Brexit. Development projects were being pulled, many companies in the industry were unsure of their direction, sellers were inflating and over-pricing by up to 30% and he found himself up against big-players that could afford to land-bank at the time.

Prevailing good business ethics for all

Why Adam is so passionate and impartial with his Contract Administration & Client Representative Consultancy, where he promotes fair business activity and application equally for client and contractor – and how good ethics and good relationships will always prevail.

Developing Brand Values

Developing a brand one-to-one verses mass advertising. How moving into the online space with the mindset of talking to one person at a time is a great brand building strategy. And why using key contacts that understand your credentials, your capabilities, and the quality of what you are presenting is fundamental.

Covid – how is the market at the moment?

Of course, it’s a concerning time for all of us, but you always have a level of the wealth spectrum ready to buy – even if you have to search a different part of the globe. Adam discusses keeping your ear close to the ground, be active, flexible, and ready to take on new opportunities.

  • Launching a new business during Brexit and two years later riding the Coronavirus pandemic wave
  • The reason why Opulent Virtue has placed itself in the luxury high end market
  • Sharing ideas to generate customers/sales for his HNW property developments
  • The actual “valued” stuff from the investors perspective before ROI becomes important: the brand, the people behind it, trust, reputation, safety, nurturing relationships.
  • Top tips if you are a young business, with lots of experience and credentials, and looking to scale – what are the considerations when taking it to the next level?
  • What Adam personally looks for in a lead-gen partner to drive new leads/sales

For the all-important show takeaways, Adam was asked what advised he would give someone in his shoes: 2-3 years trading, looking to diversify and grow – all while under the current conditions of the pandemic.

  1. As obvious as it may sound, stay positive!
  2. Keep mindful we are in a different zone now compared to 6 months ago, 9 months ago. And 12 months ago, we would be ready to push that important last quarter to end the year, but that push is just not feasible for many businesses this year.
  3. Develop new strategies that may be slightly off-course to the norm. Take a Sunday and come up with a plan B & plan C.
  4. Relating back to the first point about remaining positive, there are lots of people out there, partners and collaborators, that may not be in the best position, some doors may be closed at the moment, and some opportunities may not exist, but stay strong and keep pushing on if you are truly passionate about what you do and your product – and be super-smart with your capital.

A huge thank you to Adam for joining us. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed discussing these topics, and we hope you have found this useful?

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