Citrus Ornge 2019 Round up!

So here we are, another year of trading and I have to say that it’s been some 12 months!

I wanted to share some highlights for the year and thank the team, our partners and all of our clients for what has been an absolutely fantastic year!

  • 100’s of LinkedIn posts resulting in 1000’s of views and over 400 likes and comments
  • 2300 new people and potential customers have visited the Citrus Ornge Website
  • We have worked with over 20 different suppliers, ran 60 or so campaigns and delivered over 6000 leads to over 40 clients
  • Our call centre partnership has booked over 300 appointments for our equity release clients
  • We have had 5 or 6 people in recovery either directly working within the Citrus business or we have had some influence in them growing, developing or them finding work through a referral to a partner business
  • 2 ex-offenders, we have helped find them jobs with partners and been on numerous prison visits talking about what we do and sharing our journey to inspire a change in direction and hopefully their future aspirations
  • Launched a premium publishing proposition and our very own consumer brand UKeo

2020 looks to be a very exciting year. The top line strategy for next year is obviously to win more clients, but also to nurture sustainable business partnerships, grow and develop UKeo and to continue to evolve our business with the same kind of pace and success that we have had this year.

All of this will only be possible with all of the continued support and time that you put into making this business as exciting as it is, and I very much thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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