In 2020 the world stopped. The roads were empty, shops were closed and businesses were forced to shut their doors and switch on their Zoom meetings and work from home. 

Our lives changed overnight as the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world. No one could have prepared us for what we had coming. Though Covid-19 is far from leaving our lives, we are slowly (and hopefully 🤗) entering a post-pandemic world and Citrus Ornge is starting to plan their next move.

Citrus Ornge has entered another exciting growth period. The business is growing rapidly with a restructuring strategy in progress, subsequently, to help develop the career progression of many of our staff members. Tristan Weinberg and Tyler Thompson have been offered some exciting extra responsibility within the business, alongside their current job titles as Telemarketing Executives. Tristan Weinberg commences the role of the Social Mission Coordinator, and Tyler Thompson was assigned the role of the Quality Assurance Coordinator (QA) This is a great opportunity for them to take on a leadership role within the business alongside their current Telemarketing careers. We have also recently assigned Ali Hannon, a Diversity and Inclusion consultant, to join our advisory board committee, alongside Ian Woolley, Charlie Curtis and Rob Robinson where they will be helping us with our venture to exceed Diversity and Inclusion here at Citrus Ornge. 

Tyler Thompson commences the role of the Quality Assurance Coordinator and substantiates that our leads are of the highest quality. He ensures that the Telemarketing team delivers an outstanding performance and is in line with the client’s expectations. Tyler said: ‘I really enjoy my role of the Quality Assurance Coordinator, I love the extra responsibility and the leadership role, I like having the responsibility to ensure that our team are delivering high-quality leads and I find it motivating to encourage our team to become the best we possibly can be and it has been amazing working with such a determined and passionate group of people who are willing to take on criticism and implement the advice I give, watching the team develop and grow is very rewarding.’ 

Tristan Weinberg, the new Social Mission Coordinator, will help onboard those who join the business through the Social Mission. He will be there to support these individuals through their reintegration into the workplace environment who otherwise may have struggled in this process while either recovering from addiction or from a difficult legal past, Tristan will help them through mentoring, guidance and being someone they can look up to and relate to. 

Whilst Citrus Ornge specialises in high-end B2B & B2C demand generation, the business also has a Social Mission at its heart, which is to offer employment and work placement opportunities to ex-offenders and people in recovery. Our aim is for 50% of the staff team to come through the Social Mission. Our aim is to support individuals in their quest to rebuild their careers while recovering from addiction. Tristan joined Citrus Ornge through the Social Mission himself in 2020 and has become an amazing role model that those who have been through similar life experiences can look up to. His great personality and ability to relate to people make him an outstanding person to take on the role of Social Mission Coordinator. 

We are so happy to have Ali Hannons join as a board advisor here at Citrus Ornge, Ali will be helping our organisation transform its culture, by supporting us in our expedition of equality, diversity and inclusion, we are currently working with Ali Hannon on our very own five-part series called ‘Answering the difficult questions’ where our panel of industry professionals are discussing different topics around Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. We have set up this five-part series to share, learn and pave the way for other businesses to also take diversity and inclusion into consideration in their workplaces.