We are delighted to welcome Rifka Fehr to our team! 

Rifka joined Citrus Ornge to research our social mission’s impact to date and support our goal of championing fair and equal employment for all.

Rifka recently graduated from the University of Sussex with a First-Class Honours Degree in ‘International Development and Anthropology’. She is excited to apply the skills she learnt throughout her degree to the evaluation report she is conducting for us. She will work closely with the team to understand the requirements of our business, will interview clients, suppliers and employees on their experience as part of our social mission and will ultimately support us in becoming more conscious and supportive of each other by sharing light on areas of improvement.

Our social mission aims to support the rehabilitation and recovery of people that struggled with addiction or criminal offences.

The social mission is at the core of everything we do; it is written in the memorandum of our activity and we aim to employ up to 50% of staff as part of this.  So far we helped 13 people in recovery with work experience while doubling our staffing year-on-year since inception in 2018, but we feel there is so much more that we can do.

We are exploring better ways to integrate our social mission while being mindful of the challenges this comes with. We, therefore, aim to improve the recruitment process, be more mindful in our daily activities and train all our staff on topics such as trauma-informed work environments. Rifka’s experience with charities such as Survivor’s Network and the British Red Cross, as well as her desire to champion positive social impact in the community makes her incredibly suited for this role.

Welcome to the team, Rifka! We are super excited you have joined us 🙂