As we start a new year and the end of a successful 2021, Citrus’s CEO, Jason Baker, shares some exciting news and projections for what 2022 has in store for the company and how other organisations can benefit as being seen as an organisation that is ‘Recovery Confident’…

I recently had the pleasure to meet with the Minister of Welfare David Rutley MP and Donna Ward; Director for Poverty, Family and Disadvantage at DWP,
to discuss our commitment to IPS (Individual Placement and Support), which supports people in recovery from substance abuse into meaningful employment.

Citrus’s own board member, Dr Rob Robinson, sits as a Principal Investigator on the IPS trial, the largest of its kind ever conducted and is the government’s flagship response to the Independent Review of Drugs, carried out by Dame Carol Black.

Both Rob and I participated in the review which included a joint agency review session last year which was held via Zoom in the mids of the pandemic.

“People in recovery often feel shame about their substance use issues, preventing many from seeking employment in the first place and for those in employment that shame can prevent people from seeking the support that would help them to thrive at work. Employers are, in the main, ill equipped to understand or provide the support needed. A Recovery Confidence resource and accreditation scheme for employers would go a long way to creating the kind of inclusive culture necessary to break down barriers to work for this highly excluded group.” – Dr Rob Robinson, Senior Employment Specialist.

Last year, I was excited to meet with David Rutley and Donna Ward, along with Rob Robinson, where we discussed the existing accreditations in place for the likes of the LGBTQ+ community and the support readily available to enable disability confidence within the workplace, showing their openness and progressive attitude, but highlighted the worrying gap for those who suffer from alcoholism and addiction.

“In England there are an estimated 602,391 dependant drinkers. Only 18% are receiving treatment.” 

Official figures show deaths increased nearly 19% in 2020 as Public Health England notes changing consumption patterns

What came out of the conversation with David was his realisation that the best people to be advocates for other companies are those who have done it before. Those who understand and have been in that position and wish to return the favour, the support and compassion to help guide other businesses to have that same recognition. We are so very grateful and humbled to be in a position to deliver this in the push to normalise talking about alcoholism and addiction within the workplace as we are progressively doing with other vitally important issues such as mental health.

Following the ongoing success of our own social mission, we at Citrus Ornge are committed to helping carry the message and lead the path for other companies to have a more progressive recruitment, employment and occupational health strategy.
If you or anyone you know wants help to develop their businesses very own social mission to become more Recovery Confident, or simply wants to know some more information on how we built ours and fancies a chat, please do get in touch with me to arrange a call –