Equity Release sales-ready leads and how we can help your business

All businesses know the key to achieving steady growth is attaining quality leads and knowing how and where to source them. Lead generation is a cost-effective and result providing solution to all companies who are facing problems in upping their ante. In short, the more qualified the lead, the more customers and profits – this is the life source of Citrus Ornge.

We are all about generating leads, driving revenue and helping businesses acquire the clients or customers they need. We do this through social, native, email and directing search traffic to our bespoke dedicated landing pages, before being sent to our data hygiene platform to be cleaned and validated.

Once generated leads have been transferred to the client’s CRM (or Inbox), their sales teams would essentially nurture those most relevant with strategized email marketing plans. At this stage, a lot of valuable time must still be invested in closing deals and managing the sales funnel. According to HubSpot, the average close rate for all industries is 19%.

So… how can sales teams close more leads? 

From our experience it must be down to having a full understanding of the customer’s pain points or buying signals. CSO Insights researchers found 26% of all forecasted deals – those nurtured leads that seemed like they were in-the-bag – turn into “no decisions” because salespeople failed to get in full alignment with the customer’s needs before a closing.

So, Citrus has created a premium lead product that personally and carefully nurtures the prospect to the point of sale before being sent on to their clients.

Every person will tell you, one of the biggest killers of time are bad leads, or worse, dead leads. If it was possible for you to hit a conversion rate of 50%, imagine all that time you could save. Or imagine how many more deals you could close.

Imagine every call you made was to someone who had the need, the desire and the means to do business with you…

The Citrus Process

Imagine that you are a Property Developer looking for new serious investors…

You want to know that generated leads have been asked all the right questions, as if you had personally asked them yourself.

You want to know how much they are willing to invest, to save the frustration of finding out too far down the line that the prospect isn’t suitable.

You also want to know that any further meetings are going to lead to that well-earned close…

Our lead product is structured into either a one or two stage authentication process, depending on the needs of the client.

Here is what the process looks like…

Stage 1:

  • The client meets with one of the sales floor managers and their team to discuss the specific criteria each lead will need to meet, alongside any product knowledge required to handle the call and qualify the lead.

Stage 2:

  • The sales team will work their way through a data set, built bespoke on behalf of the client, booking appointments with those who meet the clients lead criteria.
  • These appointments can be either telephone, or face-to-face appointments.

Stage 3:

  • A senior sales manager will then call to reaffirm with the prospect for a second time, to ensure all criteria has been met and the appointment is due to go ahead.
  • And it’s the second ‘yes’ that really makes the difference.
  • A premium is only payable for successful sales-ready appointments.

This means Citrus are so confident in their ability to qualify a lead into a booked appointment, that will then go on to convert into business, that their clients only pay for the appointments that take place. If an appointment is cancelled, or if the lead didn’t meet the strict criteria set by the client, the lead is rejected.

And the results…?

A conversion rate of up to 63%, with a minimum rate of 30% and average rate of 42%

There is a reason why our clients have been rebooking this product for as long as 8 months.

After being introduced to Citrus at the start of 2019, Terry Andrews of Prestige Retirement Planning has successfully met his objective of growing the profitability of his equity release business through increased sales.

“Their digital marketing techniques, alongside their publishers, have put a 95% positive return on the balance sheet. Not only that, but we now have two to three lead channels delivering the quantity and quality of leads we need, week in; week out. This stability has led to me being able to grow my team, keeping my promises to everyone coming on board, that I can deliver.

As a company we have gone from strength to strength. I have tried several lead companies and marketing businesses in the past, and none of them deliver the kind of consistency and quality that Citrus Ornge has.”

“Would I recommend Citrus Ornge, quite simply “yes”, my business would not be where it is today without them.”

Citrus Ornge’s core offering is the generation of new leads and sales for B2B and B2C marketers using digital media and advertising tactics. The business also can provide the full suite of digital services for clients including all paid media opportunities, website builds plus social media management and execution. We generate leads, drive revenue and help you acquire new customers online on a cost per lead, registration, sale, view or download so pure performance marketing.

If you would like to find out more, please do come and visit us or take a look here at what we do, or better still email jason@citrusornge.com or give us a call on +44 203 887 3647


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