Make your business future proof! 5 top tips for life after lockdown

Hi, I am Jason Baker, CEO of Citrus Ornge.

There is no need for me to mention how our current situation is devastating us all. For us, we knew it was essential to evaluate exactly what we could be at risk of losing and start future-proofing our business. I wanted to share our process with you today.

If you want to survive lockdown, here are my top 5 tips:

1. Ensure you are relevant

Citrus underwent an entire audit and regrouped in order to respond to the rapidly increasing amount of those working remotely. This involved rallying together and devising plans to launch new services that were certain to help these businesses and individuals in particular.

2. Updated points of sale

Once the audit was complete and the plans were in place, then came time for their execution. We carefully thought about how businesses can get a jump start on their lead generation during this time, hence the arrival of the ‘Sorting Office’. It’s our new lead generation platform that has been developed to combine the best elements of a CRM.

And we also have a new Creative, Design & Editorial suite, as we know that success will depend entirely on your visual image and the use of language. Creative design and intelligent copywriting are the way to success – we can all use this time to our advantages to develop a strong, clear branding message.

3. Expand to accommodate

We knew that people needed to know of these new services. We thought about the exact needs of our target audiences and how Citrus can accommodate. So we swiftly adapted to this growth by hiring a new sales team to promote how we can provide value.

4. Sharpen your tools

Look into all areas of your business and find out what you are already utilising. Is everything necessary and useful? Is everything worth the current investments you are making? Now is the time to re-evaluate not only your overall approach but the way you operate behind the scenes. Cutting back on unnecessary subscriptions and business related services can free up your finances to invest in better sales tools. We have found ALF Insight, Rocket Reach and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to be our prized resources.

5. Show off your value

You have worked hard to get your new plans up and running. Now you need to let your audience know about them! How? By letting your expertise be known, in an exciting way.

We’ve done this through a series of exciting launches we have in the works, including… ‘Citrus ON AIR’; where we will be interviewing some of the leading industry names and getting down to the nitty gritty of what makes businesses tick.

We are also sending out weekly emails with free advice on how to prepare when the tides turn and everything returns to “business as usual”. On that note, stay tuned for next week’s instalment reveals exactly how Branding boosts your Business Message.

We can do this. Keep strong, safe and stay ahead of the game by choosing to future-proof your business. And, by the way… we can help with that.

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Best wishes,


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