My journey from hospital bed to founding my new business in two years

Two years ago I was recovering from major surgery in hospital. I thought I’d never get back to work again – let alone run my own business. How wrong I was.

Today I reflect on the four months I was incapacitated as a blessing. I was able to pause and ponder my life. Most importantly I learnt how to slow things right down.

That experience reshaped my life, and likewise many others since. I prioritise the important people in my life and my aims and objectives. I’m more conscious about how I treat myself and others, take physical exercise – and listen more. I like to try new sports and challenges, and take time out of my day to meditate. Even more importantly I love and accept people and things just as they are. Truly a blessing.

So two years on I’m very excited to launch Citrus Ornge Media – Custom Lead Generation. Our specialist area is acquiring new customers for our clients with a wide array of digital marketing tactics to drive new business for customers, and all things digital… Michael Fielding is our search specialist in the North and its only the two of us right now but watch this space as we will be hiring real soon.

We are based in the beautifully sunny (today) Brighton and Hove, so either come and visit us, take a look here at what we do, better still email or give me a call….07464 272 206. @

Time is something we make for each other and life’s a journey, not a destination, come join us on ours…


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