Our Social Mission

Citrus Ornge’s core offering is the generation of new leads and sales for B2B and B2C marketers using digital media and advertising tactics. The business also is able to provide the full suite of digital services for clients including all paid media opportunities, website builds plus social media management and execution.

The agency has impressive plans and as well as its commercial aspirations the company also has a social mission at the heart of the business – to create opportunities for ex-offenders and those recovering from addiction through several work experience and mentoring initiatives with local community partners in Brighton and Hove.

Our Partners

Sussex Pathways has worked tirelessly to support people leaving prison to successfully resettle back into the community. We do this through the provision of our Volunteer Key Worker services for prison leavers, as well as rehabilitation support within prisons and a restorative justice service that works pre and post-release with perpetrators and victims of crime.

Making it Out C.I.C is a new Community Interest Company that has been set up to enable people, who are at risk of committing crime without support, to begin to change their current situation through regular engagement in creative making activities.

ChangeGrowLive provides adult Drug & Alcohol Services for Brighton & Hove. Support is available to anyone concerned about their drug or alcohol use, or for the families & carers supporting those struggling with substance misuse.

Thrive Inside instructors teach a form of meditative self-inquiry, or mindfulness, called iRest (or Integrative Restoration). iRest is a structured, 10-step form of mindfulness training, which has been adapted for vulnerable populations that may have experienced traumatic life events and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


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