Compared to a number of retailers, you are ahead of the curve; you have a top-performing e-commerce website and for the most part, your conversion marketing campaigns have been going very well. 

But recently your website has been receiving a lot less traffic and you start to question what is going wrong.

Perhaps it is not necessarily what you are doing that needs to change.  Perhaps it is due to the alternative tools that you are not taking advantage of – such as Social Commerce. 

What is Social Commerce? 

Social Commerce is the process of selling a product directly on social media. The entire shopping experience is available to the consumer through each platform. 

Some of the key apps that allow for social Social Commerce at present include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat & Pinterest. 

As an online retailer, you can provide shopping opportunities to your target audience on the platform that they use the most.

A customer could be scrolling through Instagram and buy a Denim jacket in the app. They can then continue to scroll and use the app they were on without interference. The process is extremely seamless therefore incredibly user friendly. 

As a lot of online advertisers will say – a good product is one factor, but user convenience is very important. The modern-day customer is much more likely to buy a product online with minimum hassle, thus the “1 click purchase” mentality is very real. 

3 reasons why setting up a social media shop is a good idea. 

As mentioned above, the modern-day consumer is impatient. Let’s say, for example, your target customer has just got in from working a 12-hour shift and is chilling on the sofa. They come across your product on Facebook, they click your provided link and it takes them through to your website. Now they have to add the product to a basket and go through numerous other steps before purchasing. 

Many customers at this point will lose interest and adopt the “stuff it, I’ll do it later” mentality. This can often lead to the idea leaving their mind completely. 

Social Commerce makes shopping easy 

With a social media shop, consumers can see it, click it, purchase it. An efficient and smooth transaction – it only makes sense that conversion statistics are proving to be very strong for businesses that have nailed their social commerce strategy. 

An e-commerce website is brilliant, you can track consumer data, run remarketing campaigns and to an extent be able to gauge what the customer really wants from your offering. 

Social Commerce is personal and a fantastic tool for consumer research

On the flip-side, the beautiful thing about social media is that without you even having to do anything, the customer tells you what they do and do not like about your company/product offering. This is a much more fluid way of communicating than a generic website email address or chatbot. This is an amazing way to provide your audience with personalised customer service. 

From a market research standpoint, platforms like Instagram will also allow businesses to post polls on their story – so by utilising this tool you can gauge which products they prefer most ahead of launch/production, and effectively, invest your money in the most popular products.

Social Commerce allows you to target your prime audience 

Social Commerce offers the opportunity to get individuals ready-to-purchase products in front of the specific people who are most likely inclined to buy them. 

With an insane amount of customer data available on social media analytics tools, you are able to target your campaigns to an extreme degree of accuracy, which makes running paid social campaigns such an effective strategy. Businesses not utilising social commerce should seriously start to, especially if their offering is D2C. Some of the sectors we see outperforming in this area are fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle, home and interiors.

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